Day 30 – Your Mind ๐Ÿง  Does It Hold You Back Or Propel You To Success

So, I am on Day 30 since I started blogging about my journey to building a successful online business!

A lot can happen in 30 days or a little can happen, I fall somewhere in between. Iโ€™ve had some successes and some setbacks, but even the setbacks are considered wins because I learn from them and become better!

Success ๐Ÿ‘

As mentioned in my last post, I had success in my first lead generation campaign getting almost 80 leads. I can continue to follow up with these leads and offer them useful resources and programs to help them in their online business until such time they decide to become customers and make a purchase.

Setbacks โœ‹

My setbacks are more on the technical side. There are times when I have an issue with my email responder (Aweber), I use to gather and contact my leads. It often is just a matter of finding the tutorial or video teaching that deals with my issue. I can then follow the instructions and now I know something I didnโ€™t know previously ๐Ÿ™‚

Most Important Lesson โ—

I find the most important part in this process is my mindset, how I perceive the issues, and what I believe about them. Itโ€™s easy to view obstacles in a negative โž– way but to many negative obstacles will overwhelm a person. It will lead to further frustration and more obstacles. If we view the obstacle and an opportunity to learn and overcome or become better, itโ€™s a positive โž• mindset that helps us focus on the solution instead of the obstacle.

This mindset is something that determines how we move forward. The more we can keep a positive mindset and focus on solutions, the faster we can advance and become successful. Easier said than done!

It is hard to stay positive all the time. I confess I am definitely not always positive! However, each attempt I make to replace negative thinking with a positive perspective, it gets easier to be more positive.

So, in working towards a successful online business I am finding my state mind and what I think/believe, are the most powerful and most important components to attaining the success Iโ€™m looking for! ๐Ÿคฏ

I hope reading this post encourages you to monitor and your thoughts and work towards a more positive mindset. This will help you in developing every area of your life, not just business!

Next Steps For Me

My next steps will be to contact my leads this week and set up a new lead generation campaign!

Talk to you soon. Please leave a comment and let me know how your online business is going, ask any questions, or just say hello ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Eleanor Hope

    How wonderful you are getting subscribers & commissions!! Did you celebrate?
    Do you remember what it felt like, what you were doing etc?

    This is an important memory to go back to over & over especially when you need that extra energy mindset.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Eleanor,
      Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!
      It was an exciting experience but also a rollercoaster of emotions.
      The leads I purchased through Traffic 4 Me, this is a traffic co-op where you can buy clicks.
      The company has email lists and they share your opt-in link with people interested in online business.
      It’s an easy way to get leads but the leads not always responsive.
      Because of the new email rules, it’s not the best option now because these folks don’t know you (cold contact).
      Now it’s focused more on relationship building so you build trust first.
      It was still a success for the time I did it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks again!

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