Goodbye 2023 & Hello 2024 👋 – Check It Out!

Wins 🎉, Challenges 💪, What’s Ahead 🔮

Coming to the end of the year, it’s time for me to consider and reflect on what’s happened in 2023. I usually take time to consider my wins, things or situations where I overcame challenges and consider what I want to accomplish in 2024. Currently I am on Day 75 of my journey after restarting, drawing my line in the sand and planting my flag.

2023 was quite challenging and yet very exciting! I really couldn’t have one without the other as the challenges led to the decision to take exciting action on an Internet Profits affiliate marketing business with the mentoring of Dean Holland!

The health challenges haven’t disappeared; however, we’ve learned to improve our health and continue it as a work in progress. Now, the business challenges create a lot of good learning opportunities. Having access to my mentor Dean Holland and being in a private FB group for the Internet Profits community makes all the difference. I can communicate with the group anytime and ask any question and I can do the same with my mentor Dean and his team anytime.  Here’s my reflection on 2023.

Wins in 2023 🎉

  • Joined Internet Profits and completed Blue Print and Pro Accelerator Training
  • Started my blog and wrote several blog posts
  • Attended Internet Profits Live Events which revealed and trained in journal-based blogging which others who are new to affiliate marketing can follow and learn from
  • My Restart – Drew my Line in the Sand/Planted Flag and Set goals
  • Tracked and blogged over 70 days of working on affiliate business highs and lows
  • Utilized Traffic 4 Me strategy to build email list of leads – ran 2 campaigns
  • Obtained 170 leads in 4 days of campaigns
  • Made some sales and achieved first set of goals
  • Started the Affiliate System and completed Dec 2023 training
  • Attended the Internet Profits Live event for Beginners Advantage for 6 hours with Dean Holland and 1 hour training from Alex Jeffery’s, Deans mentor

Overcame in 2023 💪

  • Caring for family member in recovery from surgery
  • Had issue with own health due to work situation – took time off work
  • Necessary career change decision required due to health
  • Managing health issues while blogging about and developing in affiliate marketing

Coming in 2024 🔮

  • Complete Affiliate System Beginners Advantage training
  • More targeted regular blogging, helping who I can help
  • Will move forward with video-based blogging through TikTok. YouTube and Reels. I’ve been slow moving in this direction as it the hardest for me.
  • Will Utilize more Instagram and Pinterest to share blog posts and video posts
  • To be making a f/t income by end of 2024 5K per month or more
  • More to consider later…


I tried to keep it brief as to not end up with such a long blog post 😉 to keep it a manageable read. A lot has happened this year and I can see that I was able to push through many obstacles.

I more excited about 2024 and although the list of what’s to come is small it is only because there will be many more decisions made and steps taken as I work with the IP Affiliate System. The more I learn about the Affiliate System the more I will be able to do with it and accomplish. This list will continually grow throughout 2024.

If you keep coming back and follow me as I work this affiliate business, you will see it unfold and see for yourself any possibilities you may have to start an affiliate business. If you want to start where I started for the new year, here is the link to my mentor’s Dean Holland’s book, it gives you everything you need to get started!

You can also leave me a comment or ask questions and I am happy 😁 to help you!

That’s all for 2023! Wish you a Happy New Year and a successful, healthy and prosperous 2024! 🎉

All the best!


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  1. Alison Blaire

    Denny, I love this post! Celebrating and reflecting on the wins are such an important part of the journey, and I commend you! I am so sorry you have had some health issues this past year. I have, as well, sending you lot’s of healing energy and hope 2024 brings health, happiness, and wealth, and know that your goals of making a full-time income through affiliate marketing by the end of 2024 (5K per month or more) will become a reality since you are following Dean’s proven plan!!!!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Alison,
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement! I also wish you great success and good health in 2024! Hope you see you back again!

  2. CJ


    I definably understand the struggles of health issues and how they effect one’s business. I have spent most of last year in the hospital or in bed trying to recoup from a hospital stays. I also understand the need to change income streams due to health. Part of my “WHY” is to be able to work on my schedule and be able to take care of my family.

    I am glad to see you push through despite the obstacles. It is definitely and inspiration.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi CJ, thanks for your comment! It seems we have some similarities in our struggles and in our goals! Hope you continue to improve in your health and in business! Look forward to having you back!

  3. tony simms

    A busy year indeed but what a great start to your affiliate journey.

    I love that you took action to remove yourself from an unhealthy work environment, and know from personal experience how liberating that can be.

    All the best in 2024 and I wish you every success in building your affiliate business

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for sharing! It definitely was liberating and easier to sleep at night 🙂
      Wish you all the best and great success in 2024 also!!

  4. Alan Lim

    Hi Denny,

    I think you have accomplished a lot in 2023. Congratulations!

    I believe you will accomplish a lot more in 2024. Wish you all the best.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Thank you Alan, appreciate the encouragement! Wish you all the best as well and look forward to you coming back for more!

  5. Sherri S Pulcino

    Denny, you definitely had some great wins in 2023 and some obstacles you overcame. Good for you! I know 2024 will be a great year for you.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Thank you Sherri, appreciate the encouragement! Wish you great success as well in 2024 and look forward to you coming back again!

  6. Jon Wesley Bowman

    Sounds like you are defiantly on the right track. Best of luck and renewed health for the new year.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Jon, thank you and I appreciate the encouragement! Wish you great success and good health as well in 2024 and look forward to you coming back again!

  7. Tom

    Hi Denny,
    It’s a good sign that there were a lot of wins in 2023.
    Another good sign is a dedication and commitment to achieve your goals with the help of the Internet Profits family.
    Keep doing great work.
    And all the best in 2024!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Tom,
      Thank you for the encouragement! Wish you great success as well in 2024 and look forward to you coming back again! All the best!

  8. Steph

    I loved your enthusiasm. I also like seeing how you looked at 2023 and documented your wins and successes and what you plan for the future. I think I will do the same for my year last year when I get off of this blog. I also plan to set some goals for the future as well. I’m only focusing on three that I plan to focus on for the next 12 weeks. I need to focus on short spurts of time rather than long long-term; otherwise, I think I have too much time to do things when I feel more pressure to get things done sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I plan to come by again and read your posts, as they are inspiring. Thanks for your authenticity, Steph

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Steph,
      Thank you for your comment! I am so happy it inspired you regarding your goal setting. Setting shorter term goals like 12 weeks ahead is not bad. I say do what works for you. I found most people have different ways of goal setting according to their abilities. I look forward to hearing how it goes for you! Cheers and come back again!

  9. Atif Pwerwiz

    Denny, a fantastic post. I love the progress you have made in 2023 and you have made sales, so you are doing better than me!. It’s great to see you have a clear plan and a goal for 2024. I’m sure you will earn more than that per month. Regarding health and family, that’s the most important thing. That’s why we are doing this. I pray you are all well and make this year the best yet. Take care, Atif
    Atif Pwerwiz recently posted…Affiliate what? Planting my flag (or is it a seedling)My Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Atif,
      Thank you for your comment and feedback, I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement!
      Yes our family is so important the reason we want to be successful!
      All the best I hope you come back again!

  10. Neal Shead

    Hi Denny, I am a big fan of spending some time to reflect on last year, wins and challenges. Useful because it can give some clarity to what you would to build upon and also where you want to make some changes this year.
    Wish you all the best in your efforts this year.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Neal,
      Thank you for your comment! I agree it is so useful to track and reflect in order to make changes!
      Often a person doesn’t know what to do next because there is no info or data to build off of.
      All the best and hope to see you back here reading again!

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