This is Real and Raw

Bless me blog-father for I have laxed… it’s been 21 days since my last blog session 😊

(a little humor from my days in confession)

All kidding aside, okay not all kidding, can’t get too serious now. I am very anxious about sharing this post and being this open and transparent, however, I’m sure others will benefit and understand this.

When I started this blog to write about my journey in my affiliate marketing business, I thought the posts would be more technically based. Writing about how I made my website, what apps I use, how I send emails or drive traffic, and a small percentage of my posts about the mental, emotional and health related part of the journey.

It seems I was wrong, and the higher percentage of my posts are not technical ones but the latter instead.

Part of me is surprised and part of me not so surprised 🤔

I’m not surprised because I’ve hit walls in past business attempts and learn from my mentor. He regularly focuses segments of training on overcoming the mental and emotional barriers we face. It’s frequently addressed because it’s something we all face throughout the running of a business.

I’m also surprised though! Why and how, you ask?

What surprises me is how often and how many mental, emotional and health related hurdles or walls I find that I face. When they come at me back-to-back or I’m dealing with multiple at one time it can be and has been somewhat debilitating.

Back to my confession…

So, back to my earlier confession about not writing a blog post in 21 days. I’ve been a little overwhelmed.

After my last post I got really sick with an extremely bad cold, cough, dizziness for several days and a deep chest cough lingering over a week. This caused increasing back pain and sleepless nights.

At the same time, dealing with not having an income for several months and trying to find work. If you remember a previous post, I mentioned how I was going to be a school bus driver. I’m still not a bus driver and waiting for a medical review to be passed by the ministry. Should have taken a month for this but it’s now 2+ months later and no approval yet, which means no work, no income.

At the same time, I’m not making any money in my affiliate business yet and spend much of my time job searching. I can’t seem to get entry level jobs as I have worked in a high skill job for so long as a career counsellor. Employers tend to consider that someone highly skilled will leave an entry level job as soon as something better comes. Which means they would need to hire again…costs them $$. I even tried to get back into my previous field, although I left because it caused health issues. I can’t seem to get back in it.

Impact and overwhelm

The impact this has on my family and the stress it causes my wife makes me feel so bad, like I’m failing my family.

All this has me in a state of overwhelm, which is taking a toll on my mind and making it so difficult to stay focused, motivated, and challenging to believe I can win.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up and never will! I’m just doing my best to keep pushing through, to fight the negative thoughts, and overcome daily feeling defeated. It’s exhausting to say the least, but I know if I don’t give up and I keep fighting, the day will come when I see the victory!

I continue to pray, speak out my affirmations, attend my mentor’s motivating sessions, do what I can that given day, and trust God is with me.

It’s my journey, my road 🥾

It’s a really hard place to be and I don’t wish it on anyone, but it’s my journey, it’s the road I need to walk to get to the place I am trying to reach in life and business. I know when I arrive the rewards will far outweigh the suffering and hardship. I believe as hard as life is right now its purpose is to form me into the man I need to become.

This doesn’t make it easier, but it gives me enough hope to keep pressing onward with everything I can muster, which sometimes is not much at all, but hopefully enough for each day.

Are you in a similar place or have you ever been at some point where you feel like everything is against you and you’re exhausted from fighting? Do the things you try seem to not work out, is time running out, funds depleting, hopelessness filling your mind, knots in your stomach every day, and losing sleep?

This was very hard to write and I know it may be hard for you to share but please feel free to share your thoughts and how you handle situations like these. I love to learn from others as well 😊

Talk Soon,


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  1. Sasha Darris

    I admire your honesty and courage in sharing your journey, especially during challenging times. Your transparency is not only brave but also deeply relatable. Remember, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and reaching out for support is a strength, not a weakness. Your determination to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles is truly inspiring. Wishing you strength, resilience, and brighter days ahead.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Sasha,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I appreciate your encouraging words. It’s not easy to be that open, but if it’s my journey then I need to track it.
      Thanks again 🙂

  2. Meredith Moore

    Hi Denny,
    I am so sorry you are having these struggles in your life right now. I can totally relate to what you’re saying though. My kids and I have been collecting social security for the past 5 years due to my husband passing away at an early age. I will lose more than half of it because my youngest will turn sixteen on the 28th of July and my older son will turn eighteen on June 28th. Only one of us will be receiving it after a couple of months from now. I have been freaking out trying to look for a job as well. My problem is I don’t have any qualifications to do anything but nails. That was my profession for over 20 years other than being a stay-at-home mom. It doesn’t make money anymore, so I got out of it. No one is going to hire an almost 50-year-old with no experience in anything. I’m having the opposite problem as you being underqualified. Luckily, my mom is here to help so I don’t end up on the street with my kids, but at the same time I don’t like to rely on her or want her to have to do that for me. I can totally relate. I try to look at these situations in a positive way so I don’t get myself so upset that I can’t do anything to move forward. I know that’s easier said than done, but it helps me to try to stay positive. You will find something in time. Keep working at your business and try to find something that will get you through and it will start to look up for you soon. Just remember to stay positive. Hang in there and thank you for sharing your thoughts…
    Meredith Moore recently posted…A Positive Week of Reflection and Growth / Amongst Some ChallengesMy Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Meredith,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!
      It’s sounds like you’re also having quite a challenging time.
      It’s not easy living on social security and losing half is a big financial shift.
      So sorry about your husbands passing, that alone is so hard.
      Here’s to working hard to remain positive in these challenging times 🙂

  3. Vanessa Lea

    Denny, YOU’VE GOT THIS! Your blog is about you and what you go through to reach your goals. I feel that most of building a business- any business- is more about mindset than technical aspects. Your posts will (and will be helpful for anyone going through this process. It shows that you are not afraid to be vulnerable and transparent, which will attract people to you because understanding and empathy are there from your heart. I have never encountered bloggers or marketers who have provided such an insight into their world because I think most people see that as a weakness and not a positive thing. That ” fake it until you make it” baloney is so cliche and unnecessary. I want to follow people sharing their struggles and vulnerabilities, not those pretending to know what they are talking about. It’s just not believable. You keep doing your best, and you will have a loyal following. I’m so proud of you for staying with it and working through your hardships.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Vanessa,
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement!
      It’s empowering to read your feedback. I’ve always been a fake it until you make it, it’s what I learned.
      Being this open and sharing struggles is rather new for me, I like to be private.
      If I’m going to help others I would need to attract them by my example.
      Thanks again for your encouragement!

  4. Sherri Pulcino

    I applaud you for being so open and honest. That is sometimes very hard to do. Like you I have had feelings of hopelessness, and like you I did not let that get me down and stop me from moving forward. As you must continue to move forward. One step at a time, one step at a time.
    Now give me 20 Hail Mary’s. and you shall be forgiven. (I am not catholic so not sure if I even said that right. LOL)

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Sherri,
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement!
      Here’s to moving forward one step at a time!
      20 Hail Mary’s 🤣 very funny.

  5. Eleanor Hope

    Hello Denny,
    You are courageous in opening up and sharing your struggles, especially when you are experiencing challenging times.

    I believe that by sharing your journey, you not only provide valuable insight into the realities of entrepreneurship but also offer encouragement and support to others who may be going through similar experiences. (like me)

    Like you, I thought that our blog posts would focus on technical aspects of affiliate marketing business, but, as you’ve discovered, our mental, emotional, and health-related challenges are part of our journey to entrepreneurship. They are just as significant, if not more so, than the technical aspects.

    Our willingness to address these challenges head-on and the sharing of your experiences is a testament to your strength and resilience. I appreciate you!

    The obstacles you’ve faced, from illness to financial uncertainty, are undoubtedly daunting. It’s clear that you’ve been grappling with feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt, yet your determination to keep pushing forward despite these challenges is truly inspiring.

    Your commitment to staying positive demonstrates your unwavering resilience and belief that brighter days are ahead.

    Your journey serves as a powerful reminder that while the road may be difficult, every step forward brings us closer to our goals and dreams.

    Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty.

    Your willingness to share your journey not only empowers me it also inspires me to keep pushing forward, no matter the obstacles we may face.

    You are not alone on this journey,

    1. Denny Medeiros

      HI Eleanor,
      Thank you for your comment and feedback.
      Your words are very empowering and encouraging.
      It’s great to know there are like minded people like you who understand.
      I’m happy you were empowered by this post!
      To our success moving forward!

  6. CJ


    This is just the storm before the calm. I know how you feel been in your shoes before. In fact, were not much different in that area. I’ve been out of work since February and don’t know if I will ever be able to return.

    This is frustrating and puts a lot of stress on the family.

    Stop take a deep breath, count your blessings and check your mindset.

    Then get up each morning and prioritize your day.

    it may be small micro steps each day but what’s in motion stays in motion.
    I believe in you and things will get better.


    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi CJ,
      Thanks for you comment and encouragement!
      It’s empowering to hear about your situation you getting through it!
      I appreciate your wise words!
      Staying in motion.

  7. Atif Perwiz

    Denny, Thanks for sharing your journey so openly. It takes courage to be vulnerable, and your honesty is truly admirable. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot lately, and I can only imagine how overwhelming it must feel. Remember to be kind to yourself and take things one step at a time. Keep leaning on your support system, stay resilient, and know that brighter days are ahead. If you need anything let me know, thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Leadership and Coaching part 1 – That Zoom call with Alex Jefferys………….My Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Atif,
      Thanks you kindly for your comment and encouragement!
      It’s good to know there are people who care and willing to help.
      Hope you’re keeping well!

  8. Milissa Neirotti

    Hi Denny!
    Your post will help and inspire many people. So many are struggling right now – financially, health-related, family issues, etc.
    Your honesty is the heart of who you are and why people rely on you. That can be overwhelming at times, but take it one day at a time, Denny. I’m sorry that you are going through hard times right now, but staying strong in your commitment to yourself and your family will see you through these times. Deep breaths and small steps will lead to accomplishments.
    When times seem to hard to overcome, of which have been several through the years, my husband and I remind each other that this, too, shall pass as long as we have each other. One of my lean-on quotes during these times is by Vivian Greene, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
    You can do this, Denny! You are learning the steps!
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Milissa,
      Thanks you for your comment and encouragement!
      I appreciate your kind words, wisdom and prayers 🙂
      It’s empowering to have such support!
      That’s a great quote you shared and an important perspective to have.
      Thanks again,

  9. Lauren Millman

    Denny, first… before all else: I have to commend you for being so open and honest with your situation. It’s often hard to believe this, but by you sharing your honest story, you are able to help so many more people. This world needs more of people who are able to be transparent, like yourself. So take a moment to pat yourself on the back about that … because there are more people out there who CAN’T do what you just did, than those who can. Secondly… I resonate a lot to your story. I am grateful now that I’m “out of the weeds,” currently now but I have been in your shoes before. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that I was there. It’s not a good feeling, and depression is real. I get it. It also sounds like, from all all these replies your blog elicited, there are more that can relate to you than can’t.
    My words of encouragement aren’t going to be much different than what was already said: keep on keeping’ on. YOU’RE DOING IT! I’ve never met you, I’ve only followed your blog, but if it means anything, I am proud of you… for what you’ve accomplished already. But this is just the start… you’re just getting going. Keep up the prayers, keep up the affirmation, and most importantly… GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE! Go easy on Denny…. he’s a hard worker and he’s gonna come out on top.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for you comment and encouragement! I appreciate your kind words and empowering affirmation 🙂
      I am usually a very private person and not easy sharing so openly, but if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it full out!
      You having gone through it gives your comment more weight and significance.
      Here’s to coming out on top! Thanks again Lauren!

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