Change Isn’t Change Until You Change

Hi everyone, welcome back!

In my last post I was in a hard place and wrote about my situation with honesty. Hopefully those who read it will be able to understand that although life can be hard, we must keep going and never give up on our dreams. If you want to have a read please take a moment to check it out, post is called “This is Real & Raw”.

What’s 🆕?

Since my last post I’ve had a few positive things happen that I’m happy about. First, after about 2 months of changing my eating and being on some medication, my doctor informed me this week that my blood pressure is quite normal now. Secondly, I’ve finally come under the 200-pound mark… it’s been many years. Better food options, reducing carbs/starches and some intermittent fasting has really helped! On another note, I find it a little lighter in my mind with everything going on. I’ve been more consistent in my routine to maintain a healthier mindset.

Little changes over a period of time can make a big difference. So often we make big changes and try to do too much too fast and then give up because it’s too hard.

Changes Are Needed But Not Often Easy ⚠️

When 4 seasons change there are some good things we experience and other things that can complicate our days. Of course, I like to think the good experiences outweighs the challenges. Change in life is required and it’s not all gum drops and lollypops, there are many uncomfortable components with every change, but again I like to think the good experiences outweighs the challenges.

With no change on my financial front and after discussion with my wife, we’ve decided I should make a change and engage in some paid traffic generation again. I was previously attempting just organic traffic as finances were tight and we wanted to be diligent with our finances. Organic traffic takes longer to generate leads though, but income needs to be made sooner now and paid traffic will do that.

This of course will be a sacrifice for our family to invest some savings into paid traffic and work towards breakthroughs in generating traffic, getting leads and converting them to valued customers.

So, what does this change look like? 👀

I’ve decided to dive back into Facebook ads as a source of generating traffic and leads. I tried Facebook ads before but didn’t generate much traffic and no leads. The reason was because I was using just regular ads. What I should have been using is Facebook lead ads instead. There is a difference.

Facebook has a variety of uses for their ads and allows you to choose depending on the outcome you want to achieve.

Here are some types of ads you can create:

☑️ To increase your followers and number of likes to your FB page

☑️ Promote your website or blog

☑️ Promote products and services

☑️ Promote individual posts from your feed

☑️ And to generate leads (Lead Ads)

When I first used ads on Facebook, I had an affiliate link to one of the products I promote called The Iceberg Effect. I chose to select the option to promote a website and used the link to the product. I would get lots of clicks but never any leads or sales. A regular ad, hen clicked takes the individual out of Facebook and onto the website being promoted. The issue with this is that many don’t want to be taken off Facebook to visit another site. I understand this because I don’t like it and you most likely don’t fancy it either. Sort of explains why I wasn’t getting anything more than clicks on the link.

What’s the solution? 🤔

Facebook lead ads works in a slightly different way than a regular ad. When someone clicks on a lead ad they are not taken off Facebook to another site. Instead, they remain on Facebook and a form pops up prepopulated with their name and email address. All that is required is to click the submit button and then they can continue scrolling through their Facebook feed without much interruption. In addition, the ad will not have a link in it but will offer something free such as an eBook that helps overcome a certain obstacle. It gets sent immediately to their email. This is called a lead magnet.

According to results obtained by my peer affiliate marketers in the mentoring group I’m part of, this seems to be a good option for getting leads. It may also be the least expensive option seeing you can run an ad for as little as $5 per day.

What’s to come? 🔜

Moving forward now will involve learning more about Facebook lead ads and creating my first ad. As I go through this, I’ll update how it’s going and how I create the ad.

Have you ever used Facebook lead ads? If so, please share your thoughts on pros/cons or tips. If not, please share why that is. I would like to chat with you all 😊

Talk Soon,


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  1. Ernie

    Thank you for sharing your progress and for your honesty in regard to your business. I am in a somewhat similar situation and continue to have hope. I am also going to try Facebook Lead ads. I developed a Lead Magnet and am getting the needed training to succeed. I look forward to hearing of your success!
    Ernie recently posted…Jeans And A T-ShirtMy Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Ernie,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!
      It’s great you developed a lead magnet and are going to attempt lead ads.
      I’m currently working on developing my email sequence.
      Wish you success on your lead ads and business and hope you can come back and contribute to future posts!

  2. Nakina Lawson

    Hi, Denny!
    Congratulations on your health! Lowering your blood pressure and eating better is a big deal. It’s not easy. What an achievement!
    I am about to do my first Facebook Lead Ad as well. I hear they are a less expensive way to begin in the world of paid advertising. And, I’m hoping, with some advice from my trainers it’ll become profitable more quickly than not.
    Good luck to you! I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Nakina,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement 🙂
      I hope your FB lead ads work well and get you a ton of leads!
      Good luck to you!

  3. David Roper

    Denny, I am using Facebook Lead Ads at the present time and still learning every day. My hardest part was trying to figure out why Facebook would reject some ads but not others even when they were identical… I guess some things are just not made to figure out…LOL I have had good results but still think I can do better with presentation in order to get better results and cost per lead down. It’s all a learning process which is ongoing and ever changing but I believe it to be worth the effort.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment and for sharing you feedback and thoughts.
      It’s important to know how things are working out for others.
      I wish you continued success in your FB lead ads 🙂

  4. Alison Blaire

    I am glad you are working on your health and focusing on what is most important: YOU. Congratulations on taking these big steps with diet, diet plays such huge role. I struggle to eat healthy and avoid sugary treats but I know that if I want to stay alive and be around it is a must – so I try really hard :))) My grandma used to say if you have your health you have everything, and I am in agreement! You should also be really proud of yourself for coming back to blogging after a long break. When the momentum stops it is even harder to get going again, so you should truly celebrate all that you have overcome these past weeks!!!!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Alison,
      Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement!
      It helps to get encouragement and support from peers 🙂
      What your said is real wisdom and I agree. It is a struggle to keep the eating clean, isn’t it…
      Here’s to never giving up 🙂

  5. Andy Jacobs

    I haven’t used lead ads yet but it sounds interesting. I look forward to hearing how you go. I did once try the promotion thing on one of mine. I got a lot more views and comments and one sign up who took the gifts and promptly unsubscribed. The odd thing was that all the people who responded were exclusively from South Africa. I specified lots of countries in the target group and SA was last on the list. FB works in strange ways!
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Whoops, There Goes My Credit and Accelerating Profits With EmailsMy Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Yes, FB can be an interesting beast and works in some mysterious ways!
      It’s unfortunate when the results aren’t what we’ve hoped for.
      I’ll update when I start and get some traction on my ad.
      Thanks again 🙂

  6. Kate Loving Shenk

    Thanks for outlining the difference between the two different ads we can do on Facebook. Some of the steps were unclear to me. This week I intend to allot more time to the process!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Kate,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I’m glad I could help shine some light on the difference.
      All the best.

  7. Meredith Moore

    Hi Denny,
    I’m so glad you’re having a better week! That’s awesome with loosing weight, and having a good doctors report with your blood pressure. It’s so hard for some to eat right when you’re stressed out. I know I have that problem..
    I really appreciate the great information you gave in your post about the difference in Facebook ads. I would’ve never known the difference most likely. I will have to bookmark this post, so I can look back on it when I start paid advertisement. I haven’t even started the organic way yet, so it will be a while.
    Thank you for your post, and I hope you have a great week!
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Unveiling the Power of Profitable Niches: Why Choosing the Right Niche is Essential for Affiliate SuccessMy Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Meredith,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!
      health and eating always has it’s challenges. One day at a time 🙂
      Glad I could help you with the difference of Facebook ads.
      The first time I did ads I did the wrong one.
      Look forward to you coming back in the future 🙂

  8. Sherri Pulcino

    I have never used Facebook lead ads and I am looking forward to hearing of your results. I am still using organic traffic methods and have considered converting to Facebook lead ads. Time will tell which I continue with.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Sherri,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I was hoping to use organic for the long term but when my situation changed, time ran out and money is needed sooner than later.
      I still may go back to organic in the future when things have settled. Thanks again.

  9. Eleanor Hope

    love your posts and when you share honestly about life, as it encourages me!
    Glad to hear such good news about your blood pressure going down, eating better, and intermittent fasting has led to a ‘healthier mindset’.
    Can’t get much better than that!!

    Agree with your views about change.
    I know when we’re trying something new we can get desperate for change to happen quickly.
    As you’ve noted, if we set the bar too high we can become discouraged and give up.

    Thanks for the reminder with the list of types of FB ads.
    I note the issue you’ve uncovered where FB lead ads may work better as people do not have to leave FB.
    Follow ing your journey as keen to do similar.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Eleanor,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!
      I am so happy that you enjoy and benefit from my posts. It helps me to know that being honest in my post can help others.
      I hope I could continue to encourage you in future posts!
      All the best Eleanor 🙂

  10. Lauren Millman

    Denny, you and I both seem to be in the exact same boat! I’m currently just now in the beginning stages of figuring out my FB Lead Ads. I’m very new to this and it’s been like learning a whole new world for my affiliate marketing business. I appreciate you breaking down the different types of ads, as well as sharing your experiencing when you first used regular ads. I honestly wouldn’t have thought that directing people to click outside of FB would make that much of a difference, but it’s good to know! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for your comment!
      It’s great were trying the same thing. Maybe we’ll learn from each other’s posts 🙂
      I’m glad this post was useful to you and I’ll keep updating how it goes.

  11. tony simms

    Searched 1 site

    Denny, your honesty and resilience in the face of challenges is both heartening and inspiring. It’s not easy to share struggles so openly, and your journey towards change, especially in terms of health and business strategies, is truly commendable. The way you describe the slow yet steady progress and the necessary sacrifices really hits home. Keep pushing forward and sharing your experiences; they’re incredibly valuable to those of us on similar paths.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      HI Tony,
      Thanks for your comments and encouragement!
      It’s refreshing to hear that my post and experience can inspire others, and I’m happy to help!
      I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!
      Here’s to pushing through and kicking some butt 🙂

  12. Atif Perwiz

    Denny, It’s inspiring to hear about your positive progress since your last post! Congratulations on improving your health and reaching your weight goal. Your insights on making gradual changes are very motivating. I wish you the best with your new approach to Facebook ads, and I look forward to hearing how it goes. Keep up the great work! Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Programs – Did I choose Him or Her?My Profile

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Atif,
      Thank you for your comment and encouragement!
      I’m so happy were motivated by what I shared regarding gradual changes.
      I hope you continue to get help from my blog posts 🙂

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