Day 16-17 => My Favorite Time of the Month! WHY❓

Happy November! 📅 It’s a new month with an opportunity for new successes!

Today was one of those days I look forward to every month! It was supposed to happen the last week of October, but it was delayed until today. It is my monthly coaching with my mentor Dean Holland.

I am so lucky to have access to Dean’s motivation on Mondays, 2 additional teachings from other team members Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I can ask the team and Dean any question I need help with any day of the week and get a live or video response.

With all of that, my favorite session is the monthly coaching. It’s about 3-4 hours of training, encouragement, and Q&A.

Why am I taking time to mention this? It’s a reminder that if we want to move ahead ⏩ in business and life for that matter, it’s best to have help 🆘. Not just any help, but that of a good mentor or coach who can take you through the obstacles to success! This way success comes quicker.

We can also learn from people doing the same type of work and are more advanced than we are. This can be through video, audio, and written teaching. It’s key to take initiative and utilize what’s available.

We can get ourselves into this zone where we stay stuck trying to figure it out ourselves, meanwhile, there are people out there who have gone through it and have either written or created a video about how to move ahead past it.

No one really likes to be stuck and not improving or moving forward. I know from experience that sometimes we can linger in that “stuck” zone because although we don’t like it, we might be afraid of what happens when we are not stuck.

I know it sounds insane but it’s true. We do this with a variety of areas in life, not just business. Sometimes it’s scary to think of the unknown and where you can end up when not stuck. Sometimes, we can just be exhausted and stay stuck as we don’t have the capacity to process something new.

No matter the reason, ask yourself today, “what can I do to get unstuck” 🟢 and look up resources available.

I’m far from an expert on anything, but I am very resourceful. If you need help getting unstuck and have questions you can comment here or if you want it more private, you can privately message me on Facebook. I’ll help in whatever way I can.

So, How’s That Generating Traffic Thing Going? 🤷

One of my goals for this week was to get the Traffic generation going through TrafficForMe. When I last posted I had to confirm my ID and get the landing page adjusted as requested.

I did what was needed and submitted it and a couple days later was informed it was approved and submitted to a good email list. Now I’m just waiting for the campaign to start. It could be today or tomorrow that it begins. I’ll keep you updated on the results.

Well, I don’t want to write too much in one post 🙃 so time to go and I’ll talk to you soon!

Please leave me some feedback, questions you may have or if you need help getting unstuck let me know! Come find me on Facebook for more motivation!


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