Days 13 – 15 –> Into The Third Week – Anticipating Some Good Things

I hope you all had a great weekend, whether you worked, relaxed, or played 😊

My weekend wasn’t work but I took time to rest and spend some time with family visiting mom. Good times and always amazing food!

I started this morning and noticed I had some issues to deal with so I can continue to move forward. I received an email from the Traffic For Me team about my account for buying clicks. I needed to upload my ID to my profile in order to complete the order I placed last Friday.

It also  seems there is an issue with the landing page I am using, and they made suggestions for a better options. I’m in the works of figuring it out. This plus an unexpected trip to the vet. Our pooch 🐶 has some unusual swallowing issue suddenly and so we took him to the vet. All is well with him!

Just more unexpected things that come up reminding me of the benefit of having my own schedule and able to do this from anywhere.

I have a few next steps for this week, one of which is more health related. As my focus of running a business is in a healthy manner, I am including these steps in my business plan / steps. I am anticipating some good things this week!

My next steps:

  • Recording a first TikTok video
  • Revising the landing page for the Traffic For Me initiative
  • Try my first 15-minute session on my Bowflex Elliptical machine. (hopefully my back allows for it)

Short post today as it’s the beginning of the week. I look forward to updating you and hope to post 2 more times this week. If you celebrate, Happy Halloween 🎃👻🧛

Please feel free to leave some feedback, ask any questions or just say hi 🙂

Talk to you soon.


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