Day 10 – 12 ➡️ Taking Some Intimidating Steps!

Happy Friday!

So, it’s done! I have created a TikTok account and went through some of the best practices so I could understand how often to post.

I haven’t recorded or posted anything yet but will work on it over the weekend and hopefully get that going early next week. I will share my account info next week when I have at least one video to share.

This is one of the more challenging items for me. Although I have conducted workshops, seminars, and online Zoom coaching/training sessions in the thousands, TikTok is different.

I get a little weird about recording myself without a live session happening. I guess I wouldn’t be the greatest actor 😉 weird right?

I’ve heard several times in the last couple weeks that those tasks that scare you, that you hesitate to do because you’re not sure if you can do it, are usually the more important ones you need to do in business to get ahead.

So, this is why I’m pushing myself to go ahead with TikTok. If for some reason I am taking long and next week ends and I haven’t got it started yet, feel free to hold me accountable. Message me on Facebook or on my blog and call me on it! 🙃

What About The Traffic Co-op?

I also worked on adding the Traffic Co-op as I mentioned I would use it to help attract people to my affiliate offers and website. I registered with Traffic For Me, which is a very reliable traffic agency. It was part of an offer through my mentor Dean Holand in our group.

If you have an online business or have affiliate offers you can also check them out and see if it’s a good option for you to use a traffic agency.

I am going to view a few more training videos from them as I wait for my first campaign to be approved. I will keep you posted in a future post as to the results of this initiative, whether decent or not.

I will say that I was surprised how easy it was to get this set up and the first campaign set up. With all the challenging things we go through in learning new things starting business, it is nice to have something easy to work through.

Anyway, time to go and run a couple errands with my wife. I hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to talk to you next week!

Don’t forget to leave some feedback. Do you use TikTok? What’s your favorite social media outlet?


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    You can do it!

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