Days 6-9 – Time to Celebrate 🎉, Can’t Keep Me Down!

No, I’m not celebrating because I made my first commission 😊 but I did celebrate!

This past Sunday was our 18th wedding anniversary and my wife, and I had a great time. We reminisced over some wedding photos and later that evening dinner at The Keg 🥩. It wasn’t huge; however, it did change me inside, I felt closer to my wife 👩‍❤️‍👨.

It’s so easy to continue through life together and work hard and help each other through life but forget to celebrate each other and our successes. Celebration takes relationships to another level of intimacy.

It taught me to do the same with my business. The amount of time one spends working is like a relationship and if we just work and do, it’s okay but when we celebrate it changes things for the better.

I believe celebrating even small successes in business will bring you closer, further connect you to your business (What it means, why you do it, the whole purpose of it). This will improve your passion for your business and becoming successful in it!

Wow, I’m getting too deep 😁

Anyway, I want to celebrate 🎉 that after checking Google Analytics for my blog, it shows over the weekend there have been several people who visited and read through some of my posts YEAH! I’ve also got my first comment on the first post I made last week! That’s exciting for me! 🎉

Now for the more practical side of business. What have I done?

I didn’t work on the weekend and started working Monday but ended up in bed all afternoon with pain 😞 the day was pretty much a write off.

I was planning to figure out TikTok over the weekend and Monday, however, I’ve only started learning about and figuring out TikTok today. I may register before the end of day today; I am just having a challenge solidifying a username that is going to capture what I’m doing. It’s incredible how many people have variations of my name on TikTok. I’ve written a type of script of what I may want to share on the first TikTok so it should happen sometime this week.

We have to do the work and learn the skills, not at an expert level but enough to start.

Another area I am learning and preparing for this week is a source of getting leads of people that show interest in doing online business. It’s called a traffic co-op. I would purchase traffic from a source that gathers leads of people interested in online business. I would have access to contact names and emails of interested people, then I would share information on my blog and any products I promote.

Doing my blog is an organic way of generating traffic, TikTok, Facebook are other ways. I’m going to invest a little and try to use Traffic co-op to generate traffic a little quicker to start.

Alright, it’s time to get going. I will be posting 3 times this week instead of daily.

Look forward to hearing your feedback below. Talk to you soon!


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  1. Michelle Medeiros

    I love this post! Very inspiring to me

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Thanks for your feedback and I happy the post inspired you! Come back and read future posts, hopefully they will do the same 🙂

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