Day 5 – Days Like Today 🥴 Are Why I Chose This Business Model

Days like today remind me why it is so important for me to be successful in this business! I deal with a variety of health issues that tend to take turns acting up. This makes it very challenging to work in anything other than something I can set my own schedule to. Today it was back pain. I deal with a couple different back injuries upper and lower.

Last year around this time I was recovering from an episode with my back that had me rushing to emergency by 🚑 ambulance. I couldn’t move, or even lift my foot an inch without excruciating pain.

I believe we deserve to live happy lives! Doesn’t mean pain free or without obstacles. It means I should be able to earn a good living and do the kind of work that fits my life situation and fulfills my dreams.

This is why I am doing an online business in Affiliate Marketing. This is why I am going against the standard “get a job” and investing in developing a business with no age limit and no earning cap.

It’s important to know WHY! Financial freedom, more family time, flexibility, health & Wellness are my WHY!

Enough of that. I had run out of time on my last blog post before I mentioned what I’m considering as techniques for generating traffic to my blog and products I promote.

Generating traffic is just about finding people and sharing useful info and products that they would benefit from which they might be searching for.

There are many ways of generating traffic and many resources to utilize, however, it is important to select 1-2 options and become excellent at it. Then one can add more options. If you use to many traffic generating options to soon it can complicate things and have a reverse effect.

So, what options have I selected?

I have decided to continue blogging as an option and anyone interested in online business could benefit from my example, following me and learning from my successes and failures. These can also benefit from any resources I share, and potential programs/assistance are available.

In addition, I am considering using TikTok to create short video a long side my blog, which will also track my success in this business for anyone interested in online business to follow me. The blog and vlog (TikTok) will work together nicely with print mode and video mode. The blog would simply be a sort of script for the video 😁

Not sure I will get to work much on the weekend, but I might try to at least open a TikTok account and learn a bit about using it.

So next steps are:

  • Sign up for and learn about TikTok
  • Record and post my first TikTok video

Well, until next week. Hope you have a great weekend! Please leave a comment, I would love your feedback!


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