Day 22 – Something Amazing Happened ❗❗

I believe we’re on Day 22 📅 from when I started this quest to restart my online business and set my goals. Having made no money, I had a goal to make $1. I also had a goal to get my first subscriber (lead).

I am happy to announce that I have achieved and surpassed both goals! 🎆

In my last post I mentioned I was waiting on my Traffic For Me Campaign to start, with the hopes of adding subscribers and making some sales. The campaign started late Friday and I had taken Saturday and Sunday for down time. When I checked my stats this morning, I was so happy to see some positive results!

What Are The Results?

I added over 40 subscribers (leads) and made 3 sales with $15 commission!! This success although small was huge for me because it destroyed 2 lies that I’ve been fighting not to believe. These lies are “I can’t make money online” and “I can’t get subscribers online”. As long as I had not made $1 nor had a subscriber, I would battle in my mind whether I could really do it. I would regularly battle affirming that I could, and I would. Now that I did, it’s easier for me to believe I can, and I feel empowered to do more.

If I could do that, I can do more! 💪

If I can reach 40 subscriber leads, then I can also reach 80. If can make 3 sales, then I can make 6 sales. If I can make $15, then I can make $30.

I can continue applying the skills I learned and am honing to now make more.

The same way I made $15 I will make my first $100, take my sales from 3 to over 10 sales, increase my subscribers from 40 to 100.

These are my next goal markers: $100 made – 10 sales – 100 subscribers.

I’ve learned that the mix of blogging, including some social media posts and now adding the Traffic For Me campaigns are proving to be good decisions. I’ll also continue working on implementing the TikTok videos to encourage more followers. This step is taking longer that I thought but will be ready to go soon.

Well, I mentioned last week that I felt like something good was about to happen and it did! 🥳

As I continue down this path invite you to continue following me and learn what you may benefit from if you are interested in an online business!

Please let me know in the comments if you’re interested and considering someday doing an online business, or just say hi! 😊

Talk to you soon.


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