Day 2 of my restart! – Already Mistakes! 😜

To continue my journey, it has already started with mistakes 🙃. Trying to set up my Subscriber Sign up section on the blog. I Thought I had it all figured out and set up, however, it was set up incorrectly as my new subscribers’ emails were not reaching me.

Thank goodness these software/service providers have tutorial videos on how to use their software. I was able to figure it out by watching a short video and it is now set up correctly! If you were one of those who subscribed before today, please take a moment to try subscribing again. This will ensure you receive updates of my posts through email.

Aweber, my subscriber service provider, makes it easy for me to create auto respond emails and auto blog post emails. However, I prefer to send email notices to my subscribers myself through individual broadcasts as to be able to connect with you in real time, person to person.

Working through online obstacles or the trail and error process can be a little daunting at times. It’s best to be resourceful and check for video tutorials available to you. I simply Google search the topic (ex. Installing Subscriber sign up on Aweber) and I’m suddenly seeing dozens of videos to choose from which can walk me through my issues to fix them.

One of the things I’ve recently learned when I attended my mentor’s last quarterly event was to not do it alone! Remember I mentioned in my first post, when “I got a kick in the pants” to get me on the right track for online success?

Don’t do it alone, get help! Look up resources available or more importantly tie into a trustworthy program with a proven plan. Like I did 😁. If I couldn’t find a video to help me with subscriber sign ups, my next step would have been to ask about it in my available daily mentoring and training through my mentors’ program. I am able to ask any question I have, about any issue, every day if needed, and get it answered on a video session.

I’ve not seen it’s equal in providing customized 1-1 help and a ton of resources / training.

I’m sure there will be many more obstacles and learning ahead for me, and I’m ready to face it. I have a successful mentor backing me up so I don’t make the same mistakes him and others have made themselves.

I’m excited!!! I hope you’re enjoying my posts, even if it’s only the second one!

Please leave a comment with any feedback or questions you may have. I would like to help in any way I can!

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