Day 3 – What I’ve Done So Far & Where I’m Going Next

So, let me share some of what I’ve done to get this blog going and what’s happening next.

For my blog I use WordPress software, which is best known for blogging. I purchased a domain name ( online through and I needed to get what’s called a “Web host”. A Web host or hosting service provider is a service that provides service and technologies required for websites to function and be viewed and stored on “Servers”. I use as my host.

With that in place it allowed me to review a variety of Blog site themes (formats). These come with already set up formats and styles you can use to make your blog site. You can personalize it to some degree with text and images or change themes. Then I was able to create some pages such as a home page, about me page, and contact me page. You can create as many as you need, but for now that’s enough for me.

I was then able to search and download necessary plugins I would benefit from having. Plugins are packages of code that others have created, which I can use on my site to extend the functionality of my WordPress site. For example, I have a plugin that connects to my Aweber account and allows me to create the little blue subscriber box on the top right-side menu. I have other plugins that protect and provide security on my site. Depending on your needs you can select the plugins that will assist you.

My investment is primarily my time. I put in a few hours per day to get this site going and I know I am building the foundation for a successful business. Investing this time is exciting when I think that I am using my time heading in the right direction.

So, what’s happening next?

A very important part is to now figure out some traffic building techniques for my blog. Part of my goal is to allow people to join me on my journey and that everyone could see how to do it and what is possible to achieve.

Before traffic is generated, I want to first add google analytics to my blog. This will help me see what the traffic is visiting on my site and provide other important information that is important for improving my blog as I move forward.

If you want to learn more about Google Analytics you can click the link, Google Analytics

The goal is to utilize the traffic visiting my blog to create a following of people and build an email list. As my mentor Dean Holland has taught me, it’s the path to start earning the kind of big bucks he has been able to earn within a few hours per day 😁

Time to go and take action on my nest steps!

  • Set up and learn Google Analytics
  • Research and select some traffic techniques

Connect with you soon!


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