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Who’s ready for healthy work & life 🙋

We live in a time when there are so many people working in an unhealthy manner. I’ve done it most of my life! We’re overworked or over stressed, get very little rest, exercise, and eating habits could improve.

This isn’t how everyone lives but according to stats on unhappy workers and unhealthy habits, it’s safe to say most of us can do better!

This time around I’ve been trying to do things differently and am more focused on developing a business in a healthy manner… making sure I work on building and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle in the process.

As I’m sharing about my journey building my affiliate marketing business, I also want to share my journey in respects to managing and improving my health during business as well.

So what am I juggling 🤹

For years I’ve dealt with blood pressure, heart issues, daily digestion issues, bad chronic back issues (2 injuries), serious sinus headaches (sometimes blurs vision), had heartburn almost every day.

Let’s just say I’ve had to miss more days of work than I’ve had sick days to cover it! We tend to lose our employer’s trust when we are away from work so much. It’s why I want to build a business that allows me flexibility and yet a great living can be made.

I know there’s many who deal with much more serious health issues than I do. Although mine are not as serious it still does take a toll and complicate things quickly.

I’ve been able to improve my health somewhat the last several months by making a few additions or changes to how I eat, supplement and work on the thoughts I think.

How I start my day

For this post I want to share a little of my routine in the morning which helps me with digestion / gut health, blood flow, and overall health.

When I get up in the morning (about 6-6:30am) I have 2-3 glasses of water as I get my son set up and ready to go to work and feed our little Turbo 🐶

I do some intermittent fasting about 4-5 days per week, so those days I don’t start eating until about 12 noon and consume my food by about 6pm. Then I don’t eat for the next 18 hours. Intermittent fasting has huge benefits, too much to write about here, so feel free to Google it 🙂

Before I eat any food, I have 3 things I do first:

  • I eat 1-2 cloves of fresh garlic. 🧄
    • I slice the garlic thin and eat each slice with a couple roasted almonds to eliminate the burn sensation raw garlic has when chewed.
    • Garlic has helped strengthen my immune system and improves my digestion and blood pressure. There are so many other benefits to eating raw garlic which you can look up.
  • I drink ¼ tsp of cayenne pepper in 250ml of water or take a cayenne capsule. 🌶️
    • I find it more cost efficient to buy cayenne in powder and mix it with water, but I also have capsule form for those mornings that I’m busier or behind schedule.
    • I actually take a second dose at night, so 2 doses per day total.
    • This helps me with blood flow, blood pressure.
  • I take a pre/probiotic tablet for gut health. 💊
    • This helps with my gut health which is also said to be connected to heart and mental health issues.
    • It’s called Bio Complete 3 – it has a prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic which acts as a protective sealant for the gut lining and helps key nutrients stay locked in your gut.
  • 30 Minutes on my Electromagnetic Pulse Treatment Mat. 🧲
    • Empowers and energizes the cells in the body to heal itself. Has a similar effect as acupuncture treatment.
    • It also helps eliminate all the funk that stick to us from WIFI and cell phones such as radiation.
    • This has helps with my back injuries and chronic pain.

Has this helped me? 🤒

I chose not to go into more detail about the benefits of these things because it’s something we should each research and determine how or if to include in our own lives. I wanted to focus more on my routine and why I do it.

Is it helping me? I’ve been doing this for about 6 months and YES it’s helping me!

  • I used to get heartburn almost every day, now I may get it a few times per month only.
  • Sinus headaches reduced by 85%.
  • Instead of daily digestion issues I may have it only a few times per month.
  • A better gut health has also improved my mental health.
  • Overall, I feel less sick and more energetic.
  • Instead of chronic daily back pain, I deal with occasional bought of pain.

Do you deal with health issues or have some unhealthy life habits you know you need to change? I know this topic is quite personal but if you feel comfortable please comment and let me know, what you might be doing to improve. You can also ask me any questions about what I do.

Now a little about my work week…

This Past Work Week – Following a Daily Plan

Recently in my training we’ve been learning and strategizing about driving traffic through utilizing social media platforms. As we provide valuable content to build an audience of folks who are interested in what we say, do and help we offer. We can then lead them to our blogs and in time when trust is established can then feel comfortable purchasing something they need that we have.

Sounds pretty straight forward… not easy, but straight forward.

With every task I do in a given week from writing a blog post, social media posting, blog hopping, working on some videos, attending or revisiting some training… I may need a better way to stay on track.

I have a habit of writing down a list of what I need to do weekly on a sticky note then I visit that list regularly. Unfortunately, I’m finding sometimes things fall through the cracks and are overlooked. When this happens I become inconsistent in one thing or another depending what was forgotten.

Because I haven’t yet formed a habit of regularly posting on the variety of social medias, I use on a daily basis it can and does slip my mind. If I want to be consistent and build traffic I’ll need to do something about this.

I know this may sound like a very basic issue and not complicated to fix, but it is a challenge when trying to form new habits. The best option for me is to have a more detailed schedule to follow, which needs to be daily instead of weekly. This schedule is something I need to revisit everyday and check off each task as I complete them.

How are things going in your work or business, any adjustments being made? Let’s chat, let me know if you have any feedback or questions or just want to share your experience!

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Ken McGarvey

    Thanks for your insight Denny, I too struggle with staying focused over a weeks time period. I should try your daily method and see if that helps. Stay Consistent!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I think our schedules can and should be tweaked occasionally according to our goals and growth.
      Glad you’re going to give it a try 🙂
      If you want to see how I did my schedule I can send it to you.
      Let me know.

  2. Michelle Medeiros

    This is a great post, it’s a wonderful reminder of what is important especially self care to improve our mental and physical health.

    I take supplements, drink 2 litres of water, walk daily and do my physical therapy and daily affirmations out loud along with a devotional/prayer time on most days.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for sharing 🙂
      It is so important and it’s looks like to have a great daily set up for your health!
      Keep it up!

  3. CJ

    Your commitment to balancing work and health is truly inspiring!

    The morning routine reflects a proactive approach to wellness, addressing various health concerns with natural remedies and mindful practices. It’s encouraging to see the positive impact these changes can have on ones overall well-being.

    I am going through some rough health issues and alternative wellness approaches help make a deafferents in the fit to get back my health.

    Keep making you health a priority it truly does determine one’s success.

    1. Denny Medeiros

      Hi CJ,
      Thanks for sharing!
      Our health is always a work in progress and it’s good for us to keep adjusting our approach as needed.
      I appreciate your encouragement and hope you continue to heal and improve to your best health!
      Sending prayers 🙂

  4. Marc

    Hi Denny,
    Taking care of your health is so primordial, without it, we all know what happens.
    Just before covid hit, my wife & I started training with a personal trainer; 3 times a week and I can assure you of one thing, we both really do feel much better physically and mentally.
    Wishing you all the best and continued great health!

    1. Denny Medeiros

      HI Marc,
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!
      It’s awesome you and your wife have a fitness plan and it’s working for you 🙂
      I want to start exercising soon. I get nervous about it, have 2 back injuries that complicate things a bit.
      To continued good health!

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