A Little About Me

My work life started when I was 12 years old and delivered medicine to elderly folks from the local pharmacy on my little BMX (Even in winter). I’d make $12 per day for 3-4 hours of afterschool work.

That started a cycle of trying different work from fast food, restaurant bus boy, gas pump attendant type work through my teen years.

Which lead to the 20’s and early 30’s being a bread baker, manufacturer, in warehousing and  logistics, landscaping and home building.

First Real Career

So, in Dec 2005 I went back to work after some vacation time off…the company was no longer there and nobody informed me 🙂 I knew they were set to move but not that early. When I arrived at the new location my delivery truck was in use and I was told to meet the manager. I knew I was getting fired… I got fired, after 2.5 years there.

It was a toxic work environment and I didn’t fit in because I didn’t bark at women from the loading docks, didn’t gossip about who wasn’t around at the moment, and I stuck up for a special needs coworker others made fun of. Getting fired was hard but it was a blessing in disguise. 

I had to consider other options, but all the hard labour a took it’s toll on me and I had to get out of hard labour or risk not being able to walk in the future (two back injuries). This led to finding a career exploration program that helped me determine my next field.

My Choice

I decided to become a career counsellor and spent 2 years training at a local college which lead to a 15 year career run!

In the last 15 years I’ve worked as a Career Coach and a Personal & Professional Development Coach, simultaneously having a variety of side gigs I’ve done to try reaching my financial and family goals. I learned a lot of what didn’t work for me and that there’s large number of get rich quick scams out there.

I’ve tried network marketing, direct sales and drop ship type business models, along with some affiliate marketing (done the wrong way). I never really had a good mentor who would make the time to take me through to success.

Over all I’ve been able to help numerous people in both career, personal and business development improve and reach their goals. I want to continue to help people in whatever I can offer them that they need.

What Triggered the Change?

I’m currently 50 years old and deal with several health issues that make it hard to work the regular 9-5 in any jobs I am experienced in doing. I end up needing to take so many days off either sick, in pain, or for appointments, or other family related issues. I was using up all my sick days, vacation days, personal days…whatever days I had, then employers start deducting pay.

Now, I can’t go back to the previous work I’ve done Because I can’t handle the stress and pressure of the industry! With physical issues I can’t do any hard labour as I have in past. What am I supposed to do at this point in life, other than create the work and environment I CAN function well and succeed and improve my health rather than ruin my health any further.

I found the solution! It was an online affiliate marketing business where I promote other peoples product and don’t have to make my own. I can set my own schedule and put in as little as 1 hour per day and still reach my goal of reaching a full-time income… in time!

My New Start

As I mentioned earlier, there was some trial and error online for many years, including this year. I finally found a potential mentor who seems to have come from $0 to making millions in affiliate marketing. I did my research, got his free book (just paid shipping), and learned that I found the most open and honest business mentor I could trust!

Dean Holland, who is a real deal no fluff affiliate marketing genius and now my mentor! I’ve learned so much from him in a short time but look forward to regular growth and big impact as I work to reach my work and life goals turning my dreams into reality. Dean Holland reminds us it’s not “get rich quick” it’s better to “get rich forever”!

It takes some time and skill development, but I notice with Dean’s help, knowledge, and training support it’s much easier than I thought it would be. I’m investing on average about 2 -3 hours per day in my business, but it can be done with 1 hour per day as well, if working full-time. As I progress, I am learning key skills and foundational principles that have been proven since the beginning of marketing products.

Don’t get me wrong and am a newbie to affiliate marketing and the blogging I am doing, but I am able to help anyone who is newer thank me 🙂 or at the same place, we can help each other!

In addition, it’s about starting and continuing in a business online  in a healthy way! Making sure to improve one’s health as we improve and grow in business. Being able to take time to rest, deal with current health issues, life stresses and everyday life at the same time without killing ourselves 🙂

I Want to Help You!

As I know how many online business scams there are or false get rich quick sales pitches, I want to share my journey with you as an example and make any resources available that I know to be truthful and legitimate.

If anything I’ve mentioned sparks some interest in you, then please stay in touch and follow my progress on this blog and feel free to connect on Facebook.

Let’s Connect: https://www.dennymedeiros.com/connect